Winner: Best Comedy, Best Script, Best Director (Laura Josepher) Best Featured Actor (Tom Gualtieri), Best of the Festival and Audience Favorite at the 2006 Columbus National Gay & Lesbian Theatre Festival

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“It needs to be said... Charlie, Justin, the Gay Bait hosts, and the other 28 men looking for a date are all miraculously played by two versatile actors: Tom Gualtieri and David Sisco. Without costume changes, but with instant, carefully chosen shifts in voice, posture, manner, and level of nelliness, they transform into all of BAIT’s 32 characters.”

Gary Larcan


“The laughs throughout are plentiful due to some sophisticated humor and the undeniable talents of Gualtieri and Sisco. These guys roll through 49 characters, one funnier than the other. Accents, genders, ages, body language, and speech impediments – no problem. They only serve as a showcase for the actors’ versatility. If you want to laugh for two hours straight (no pun intended), BAIT N’ SWISH is the place you need to be.”

Laurie Lawson


“The whole evening is a testament to the strength of Sisco's writing and the brilliant performances of Gualtieri and Sisco. Gualtieri, particularly, shines in the second act, in which he plays every character that's not Charlie—probably around two dozen or so, including a succession of outré drag queens; the delightful trio of Adam, Ryan, and Bill; and, especially, the formidable and fabulous Delores. Sisco has written enough meaty parts to satisfy an entire company of expert actors, and he's lucky that, in Gualtieri, he's got the one-man equivalent.”

Martin Denton