Transitions: A Graduate Recital

Boston University School for the Arts (1999)

Quel galant me’st comparable

Maurice Ravel; Min Sun Park, Piano
Boston University School for the Arts in 1999

World AIDS Day Service

Marble Collegiate Church (2009)

Slowly the Muddy Pool

Scott Ethier; Inga Kapouler, Piano

Here I Am: A Musical Personal Ad

(Book, Lyrics & Music by David Sisco) outlines the myths, joys and pitfalls of being gay, the truth about personal ads and the horrors of blind dates. The show is available for purchase on iTunes.


David Sisco & Jill Brunelle

Opera Tonight!

(Co-written by David Sisco) The first production of Caprice Opera, a New York-based sketch comedy opera troupe. 

Felice Blatta Sketch

David Sisco & Rebecca Todd Bixler

Electronic Media

Half Moon

David Sisco

Sondheim Remix: The Day Off

Written with Tom Gualtieri

I Am in Need of Music

Marble Collegiate Church (2011)

I Am in Need of Music

Chris DeBlasio; Kenneth Dake, Piano

My Musical Lives

Vienna, NY (2013)

Hymn Medley

arr. David Sisco

Unusual Way from Nine

Maury Yeston