To be honest, I’ve had a tricky relationship with performing. I grew up loving to act and sing in public and that followed me through my undergraduate degree. When I got to grad school, however, I entered a very political, oppressive program that was more about tearing people down than helping them find their voice in the world. As a result, I spent many years battling severe anxiety around public performances, to the point of making myself sick. After doing my internal work, I have finally reclaimed this part of my life and have rekindled the joy I feel for sharing the gifts I was given with others.

Finding Joy in Singing

“Sing Medley”

Arrangement & Orchestration: David Sisco

Selected Performances

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“Early in the Morning” (Ned Rorem, Music/Robert Hillyer, Poem)

“Florentine Ladies” (David Sisco, Music/Linda Dini Jenkins, Poem)

“Hymn Medley” (arr. Sisco)

“I Am in Need of Music” (Chris DeBlasio, Music/Elizabeth Bishop, Poem)

“Slowly the Muddy Pool” (Scott Ethier, Music/Traditional Yoruba)

On Stage

Anywhere But Here

Music by: David Sisco
Lyrics by: Tom Gualtieri

Selected Performances:

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