Sisco Leads Vocal Performance Workshop at Catskill Mountain Foundation

David is thrilled to return to Catskill Mountain Foundation to co-produce a week-long vocal performance workshop entitled “Pure Imagination.” The goal of the workshop is to help singers more fully access vocal and expressive freedom in a song and build community through shared experiences. The workshop will culminate in a final performance at the Doctorow Center for the Arts on June 21, which will be free and open to the public.

David to Present Two Workshops at PEVOC

David is excited to be presenting two workshops at the Pan-European Voice Conference in Santander, Spain in September! With his NYU colleague Marcia Lesser, he will present “Working Within the Window of Tolerance,” which focuses on helping teachers and singers be able to find regulation in the body and voice using Dr. Dan Siegel’s theory of the Window of Tolerance. With Dr. Marisa Lee Naismith and Travis Sherwood, he will present “Choose Your Own Adventure: Student-Centered Learning in the Voice Studio,” an interactive workshop about how to co-create a safe learning environment with students.

Sisco Invited to Speak at ICVT 2022

David has been asked to speak at the International Congress of Voice Teachers Conference in Vienna in August, 2022. His presentation, entitled “Whole-Hearted Teaching: Bringing a Different Kind of Science into the Studio,” will share developing research on how curiosity, vulnerability, mindfulness, and self-care can be effective tools to guiding a student’s vocal journey (in addition to pedagogical knowledge). For more information about the conference, click here.

Performing in Contemporary Musicals is Published by Routledge Press

David’s new textbook Performing in Contemporary Musicals, co-written with Laura Josepher, is available for pre-order through Routledge Press. Performing in Contemporary Musicals¬†brings into sharp focus the skills performers must possess when tackling shows that are newly written, in development, or somewhere in-between. Click here for more information and to purchase the book.